Why 12th Promoted Students are Crestfallen?

The Centre and UP government has recently stated how Class 12 students will be promoted without any exams. Their final results for Class 12 will be based on cumulative marks of Class 10 and the pre-boards for Class 11 and 12 (if the schools conducted these exams). The CCA team interviewed multiple Class 12 students across UP who have been promoted through this process. The students shared how they were not happy with this decision. They said that they had not scored well in Class 11 but had hoped to score better marks in Class 12, seeing how the boards are much difficult. The students feel that these marks will affect their college entrances. Apart from this, a lot of students had to leave their education and start working as daily wage workers.

A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report.

Crew: Anas Ali, Mohammad Savez Chauhan, Mohammad Shakib Rangrez

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