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Bhim Army Storms Delhi

Crew: Nakul Singh Sawhney, Prthvir Solanki Bhim Army called for a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar on 21 May, 2017 to express their anger towards the new Uttar Pradesh government’s anti-Dalit stance, especially after the incident at Shabbirpur in Saharanpur district. Bhim Army’s founder Chandrashekhar Azad, who had been underground for almost 2 weeks after the […]

Dalit Youth say, ‘We don’t want Lying Government’

On 2nd April, 2019 it was the first anniversary of the nationwide shut down by Dalits against the amendment in the SC/ST act. Dalit youth in Meerut were trying organise a peaceful rally to mark the day, but the police refused them permission. Hundreds of police personnel were sent to stop the protest demonstration. After […]

14 year old Dalit girl burnt to death in brick kiln

On 24 May 2019, a 14 year old Dalit girl was found dead, her body charred due to extreme burns in the labour quarters of a brick kiln in Muzaffarnagar district where she worked. While the kiln owner and other labourers say that the room caught fire in the night, the family claims that the […]

Videos from Yuva Hunkar Rally

Crew: Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal Yuva Hunkaar Rally was organised on 9th January 2017 at Parliament Street, Delhi. Jignesh mevani from Gujarat, Akhil Gogoi from Assam and Vinay Ratan Singh from Saharanpur along with several youth leaders, political and social activists addressed the rally. The rally was organised to demand the release of Bhim Army […]

A dialogue with students in Yogi’s bastion

ChalChitra Abhiyaan met a group of student leaders of Gorakhpur University. In this conversation, they talked about a lot of issues such as the bad infrastructure in the university, the support that ABVP receives from the administration and the prevalent casteism in the university. The students also said that they are disappointed with the government […]

GST crushes livelihood of riot affected women in Muzaffarnagar-Shamli

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Vishal Kumar Many riot affected women from Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts took to stitching clothes for factories. Per Piece rate falls by 90 percent after GST. Support our Abhiyaan-

Exclusive video of non stop firing at Dalit protestors

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Piyush Nagpal Footage shows burst of gunfire on Dalit protestors during April 2 Bharat Band protest against the dilution of SC/ST Act in Meerut. One in Meerut, six others lost their lives across the country.

‘1200 Shiksha Mitras have died’

In Gorakhpur’s Premchand Park, the team of ChalChitra Abhiyaan met with Shiksha Mitras, Anudeshaks and Preraks who have faced a lot of exploitation in the last few years. Working in schools as a part of various government schemes, the salary of these employees haven’t been increased for a long time. Along with this, most of […]

What do People Think of Bhim Army 2

Team: Nakul Singh Sawhney, Prthvir Solanki While the Uttar Pradesh government, administration and local media are going out of their way to project Bhim Army as a Naxalite organisation, ChalChitra Abhiyaan brings you the real story of the organisation in the voices of the people among who they work.  

Election campaign of Jayant Chaudhary in Bagpat

On 6th April 2019, Jayant Chaudhary, son of RLD supremo Ajit Singh organised a rally in Asar village of Bagpat Loksabha constituency, from where he is standing as the mahagathbandhan candidate. The seat was traditionally held by Ajit Singh until 2014, when he lost to BJP’s Satya Pal Singh. The team of Chalchitra Abhiyaan went […]