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Aazaadi Kooch Day 2

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney Aazaadi Kooch yatra on its second day arrived at Siddhpur village on July 14, 2017. Excerpts from the public gathering.

Why is Jignesh Mevani supporting Kanhaiya?

Independent MLA from Gujarat, Jignesh Mevani has been campaigning for CPI’s candidate from Begusarai constituency in Bihar, Kanhaiya Kumar, for the last couple of weeks. In a conversation with ChalChitra Abhiyaan Jignesh Mevani explains why he supports Kanhaiya and the importance of Kanhaiya in Indian politics. Crew – Gulshad Hasan, Nadeem Khan, Nakul Sawhney, Sameer, […]

Farmers in UP Troubled by Growing Power Tarrif

Crew:  Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal, Vishal Kumar The Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has hiked both, domestic and farm electricity rates by over 50%. Farmers are facing a growing economic crisis. In this video, farmers from Shamli district talk about problems they are facing because of the fare hike, reasons why there is […]

Dalit Lands Grabbed for making Cowshed

Under the garb of building a cowshed, attempts are being made at grabbing tracts of lands belonging to Dalits in Bantikheda village in Shamli district in UP. 120 tracts of land belonging to Dalits have been bulldozed in the process. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Ayan Qureshi, Rahul Sherwal

‘Restart sugar mills or step down from power’

In Bhatolia village of Kushinagar District, a sugarcane mill has been shut off since 2008, due to which the farmers in the area are facing trouble in selling their sugarcane. Over the years, governments have made multiple promises but no government has been able to restart the mill. The villagers protested against this too, but […]

Public opinion of Vadgam about Jignesh Mewani

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal People of Vadgam talk about Jignesh Mevani days before elections.

Traders say businesses suffering in Modi Raj

Traditionally, traders, particularly Brahmins and Baniyas in UP have been strong BJP supporters. However, in the past few years, many traders have started to criticize the BJP in hushed tones for its flawed economic policy decisions like GST and demonitisation that have badly affected various small and medium businesses. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan talks […]

Jignesh Mevani extends support to Chandrashekhar

Jignesh Mevani from Gujarat extends support to Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’ and condemns the imposition of NSA on him.

Kushwaha youth say they will vote for Kannhaiya

The team of ChalChitra Abhiyaan reached Patla village of Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency which is a region with majority Kushwaha community. It is believed that people of Kushwaha community are a vote base of Nitish Kumar, who is a part of the NDA or Upendra Kushwaha, who is a part of Mahagathbandhan along with RJD. […]

Another case of violence against Dalits in UP

Crew: Piyush Nagpal Anti- Dalit violence continues to be on the rise in UP. A video that shook the internet recently showed a Dalit man being thrashed in the name of religion. Vipin Kumar was intercepted on his way to work, his brother Sonu held at gunpoint, while he was assaulted by a group of […]