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Farmers’ warning to BJP in Sisauli

On 14 August 2021, farmers protested against BJP MLA Umesh Malik in Sisauli village of Muzaffarnagar district. After this incident, BJP MP Sanjeev Balyan gave a provocative speech. On August 17, in Sisauli village, farmers organized a mahapanchayat against the BJP. The farmers say that they will not allow BJP people to enter the villages. […]

Farmers say, ‘No retreat till farm laws repealed’

Farmers have been protesting since May 26, 2021, at Sevoy toll plaza in Meerut, West Uttar Pradesh. The farmers say that they will not go back home until the Farm Laws are taken back. We are ready to go to jail for it too. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report. Crew: Mohd shakib rangrezz, Vishal stonewall, Deepak katariya

Covid 19, a Result of Deforestation?

Several leading scientists and epidemiologists have questioned the origin of this novel coronavirus. Out of the four emerging theories about its origin, one which seems highly probable is the spillover theory. Due to unsustainable development, there has been a rampant chopping down of forests which forces the wildlife to come in direct contact with the […]

Farmers’ Protest continue in Muzaffarnagar

Farmers’ protests against the three Farm Laws is going on at the Chhapar Toll Plaza, Muzaffarnagar, since 26 May 2021. The farmers said that the protests will continue. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- mohd shakib rangrezz. Vishal Stonewall. Mohd Savez Chauhan.

Youth upset over cancellation of Police Recruitment

Most of the youth in Uttar Pradesh prepare for police recruitment every year. But for a long time now, requirements have been cancelled. Because of that, today the youth of Shamli are forced to do work as labourers. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report. Crew : Vishal stonewall,  Mohd.savez chauhan, Anash Ali, Deepak ktariya

Muslim woman is UP’s youngest Village Head

A Muslim woman, Iram Chauhan, became the youngest village head in Gurana village of district Shamli, UP. Iram considers the development of the village as the first priority and wants to come forward and talk about the issues of women and girls in the village. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report. Crew : Vishal stonewall,  Mohammad Shakib […]

Why are youth running health camps in UP?

1- In Uttar Pradesh, social organizations are setting up medicine centers from village to village 2- The condition of health facilities in the village are appalling 3- Medical camps are being set up in districts Baghpat and Shamli A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report. Crew : Vishal Stonewall, Rashida akhter siddiqui, Savez chouhaan, Shakib rangrezze, Deepak katariya […]

Truth behind religious conversion in Meerut?

Tarachand, from Meerut, was accused of conversion by many Hindu organizations. These Hindu organizations together with the police cut Tarachand’s beard. The Dalits of Meerut allege harassment against the action. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan Report. Crew: Vishal stonewall, Mohd shakib rangrezz, Mohd Savez chauhan

Another Massive Tractor Rally by Famers in UP

Farmers from Panjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and other regions took out a tractor rally against the three farm laws introduced by the government. In 24th and 25th of June the rally started from UP’s Saharanpur and traveled through Muzzafarnagar, Meerut and then left for Ghazipur border. Volunteers prepared food for the farmers in the […]

Ground Reality of the Ujjawala Scheme

In 2016, women received LPG gas cylinders and stoves through Modi Government’s Ujjwala scheme. The only problem being, that due to soaring prices of gas cylinders, these women are unable to get their cylinders refilled. These women now make food on clay stove in the scorching heat. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew: Anas, vishal stonewall, […]