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Shamli’s Pride: Girls Admitted to JNU and DU

Three young women students from Shamli district’s Rajkiya Mahila Degree College, Kandhla have just got admission for their MA in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Delhi University. This is a big achievement given that women in these parts of Western Uttar Pradesh are discouraged from studying further. The three women are from different marginalised […]

‘A Youth Government in Bihar this time’

ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks with the youth of Aurai Vidhan Sabha in Bihar. They say that they are fed up with Nitish Kumar led NDA government, which they claim has failed on many fronts, specially employment, education and healthcare. They say that this time they want a young leader like Tejaswi Yadav to lead the state. […]

‘Politics of Religion will fail’ Aftab Alam

ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks with Aftab Alam, Mahagathbandhan’s candidate from CPI(ML) in Aurai constituency in Bihar. Aftab Alam says that core issues in this election are health, education and the poor quality bridges in his constituency. He says that politics of caste and religions will fail in Bihar in this assembly election. Crew- Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, […]

‘Education, Health, Employment are Bihar’s Issues’

ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews Mahagathbandhan’s Congress candidate from Jale, Bihar, Dr. Mashkoor Usmani. Dr. Mashkoor Usmani is probably the youngest candidate in Bihar elections this time. He was formerly the president of AMUSU. He says education, health and employment will be core electoral issues in Bihar assembly elections.   Crew- Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, […]

‘People are Desperate for Employment in Bihar’

As Bihar readies itself for second phase of voting, ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews youth from Digha constituency in Bihar. They are visibly upset with the government and are saying that they will vote for change this time. Crew- Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

‘New India treads Bhagat Singh-Ambedkar’s Path’

ChalChitra Abiyaan interviews Dipankar Bhattacharya, CPI(ML) Liberation’s general secretary. He says that issues of employment, healthcare and education will take precedence over issues of caste and religion. He also talks about the future of the left movement in India. He says that there is a global ascendancy of the left, and in India too, the […]

‘Healthcare abysmal in Bihar’ Qayamuddin Ansari

ChalChitra Abhiyaan follows Mahagathbandhan’s CPI(ML)’s candidate from Arrah, Bihar, Qayamuddin Ansari and follows him through his campaign trail. He about the abysmal state of healthcare, education and roads in the Arrah. Crew- Md. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

Bihar: Why are Dalits angry with NDA

ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews Dalits from Agiaon constituency in Bhojpur district of Bihar. Dalits across ages express anger with the NDA government and they say that they will vote for Manoj Manzil and defeat the NDA government. Crew- Md. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

UPSSF: A Draconian Law for Women

The UP government is soon going to instate the draconian UPSSF (Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force). Human rights organisations fear that UPSSF will be draconian and will give rise to further state excesses. The UPSSF has special powers whereby they can arrest and search anyone without a warrant. Moreover, no one is allowed to file […]

Why are Dalits protesting against NRC, CAA and NPR?

Massive protests have erupted across the country since the government passed the Citizenship Amemndment Act (CAA) in December 2018. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan talks to people belonging to the Dalit community in Western UP to understand why they are protesting against the act. Crew – Mohd. Shakib, Nakul Sawhney, Rahul Sherwal, Vishal Kumar