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Part 2: Five years since Muzaffarnagar riots

Firdaus, Khurshida and Waseem rebuilt their lives from scratch after the September 2013 riots in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli in Western Uttar Pradesh. In this video, they recount how. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Amulya Aphale, Aruna, Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, Vishal Kumar

The people of Begusarai will ensure Kanhaiya’s victory

In Begusarai Lok Sabha Constituency, CPI has given a ticket to Kanhaiya Kumar, the student who came to light after the JNU incident, who is also a local boy. Lok Sabha election in Begusarai is a historic moment and ChalChitra Abhiyaan’s team has reached there to cover it. In this video, our team talks to […]

Crowdfunding for Chalchitra Abhiyaan

To support ChalChitra Abhiyaan, click on this link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan website link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan is a film and media collective based out of Western Uttar Pradesh in India. The collective produces a range of video formats like documentary films, news features, interviews and live broadcasts. We try to bring to the fore local issues […]

Kanhaiya gives rise to new hopes in Begusarai

The people of Begusarai are seeing Kanhaiya as the silver lining of hope who will reach the Parliament as their representative and raise the issues of the masses. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan documents Kanhaiya’s campaign and captures the aspirations of the people of Begusarai who see a new leader in him. Crew – Gulshad […]

Dalit Lands Grabbed Again for Cowshed

Two weeks back, ChalChitra Abhiyaan covered the unlawful land grab of Dalit lands in Shamli district’s Bantikheda village. This was done under the garb of constructing a cowshed. As we go back two weeks later, in spite of Dalits reaching out to local authorities, the construction of the cowshed has begun under the instructions of […]

Dalit Swaraj

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal, Vishal Kumar A rally was held in Jind District of Haryana on 18.03.2018 called the ‘Dalit-Mazdoor Adhikaar Rally’. The demand for Dalit Swaraj and a Dalit Board were raised at the rally.

Valmiki youth say, Don’t wash our feet, give us jobs

Some months back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi washed the feet of five Valmiki Dalit sanitary workers at Kumbh. While some sections of the media and BJP hailed it as a historic step, many Dalit activists rubbished it as a gimmick to woo Dalit votes. The activists claim that the government has done nothing to improve […]

GST cripples Meerut Sports Goods Market

After the implementation of GST, the once flourishing sports market of Meerut falls by 80 percent, workers lose jobs. Crew- Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal

Qureshis Grappling with Poverty in Yogi’s bastion

Ever since Adityanath Yogi became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 2017, slaughter houses selling buffalo meat have been shut down. This was done under the garb of shutting down illegal slaughter houses, however, even after following all the procedures, the butchers have not been allotted an alternate location to open their slaughter houses. As […]

Working Class of Shamli – Washerman

To understand the lives of the working class in Shamli, Chalchitra Abhiyaan presents ‘The Working Class of Shamli’, a multi-part series. This episode is about a waserman from a small township in Shamli called Kandhla. The washerman earns roughly Rs.250-300 a month and the last two-three generations from his family have all been in the […]