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Massive Struggle to Free Dalit Lands in Meerut District

Lands belonging to Dalits in Pohalli village of Meerut district have been illegally occupied by people from dominant castes. Dalits from the village are preparing for a massive movement to free their lands. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Aruna, Mohd. Shakib Rangrezz, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Rahul Sherwal, Sanjay Dutt,

Attempts at Grabbing Dalit Lands in Ghaziabad District

Attempts are being made to grab lands belonging to Dalits in Kanakpur village in Ghaziabad district of Western Uttar Pradesh. Some influential Rajputs of the area are trying to forcefully occupy tracts of land that were allotted to Dalits. Dalits protesting this were forcefully removed from their land. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Amulya Aphale, […]

Part 3: 5 Years Since Muzaffarnagar Riots- Farmers’ Unity Then and Now

After the September 2013 riots in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts of Uttar Pradesh, Hindu and Muslim farmers who had displayed immense unity in the past, fell apart. 5 years after the riots farmers from both communities are once again standing shoulder to shoulder protesting against the anti-farmer policies of the government. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. […]

Part 2: Five years since Muzaffarnagar riots

Firdaus, Khurshida and Waseem rebuilt their lives from scratch after the September 2013 riots in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli in Western Uttar Pradesh. In this video, they recount how. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Amulya Aphale, Aruna, Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, Vishal Kumar

Hindu-Muslim Farmers Unite in Muzaffarnagar against Hike in electricity rates

After the 2013 Hindu-Muslim riots that ravaged Muzaffarnagar district and tore through the religious unity of the farmers in the region, farmers of both religions, for the first time after the riots, are now protesting jointly from one platform against the hike in electricity rates in Uttar Pradesh. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Amulya Aphale, […]

Several Dalit Youth, including minors arrested in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar

After the Bharat Band on 2nd April, 2018 several Dalits, including minors have been arrested in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar districts in large numbers. Many of them are minors and still haven’t received bail. Crew- Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal

GST cripples Meerut Sports Goods Market

After the implementation of GST, the once flourishing sports market of Meerut falls by 80 percent, workers lose jobs. Crew- Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal

GST crushes livelihood of riot affected women in Muzaffarnagar-Shamli

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Vishal Kumar Many riot affected women from Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts took to stitching clothes for factories. Per Piece rate falls by 90 percent after GST. Support our Abhiyaan-

Crowdfunding for Chalchitra Abhiyaan

To support ChalChitra Abhiyaan, click on this link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan website link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan is a film and media collective based out of Western Uttar Pradesh in India. The collective produces a range of video formats like documentary films, news features, interviews and live broadcasts. We try to bring to the fore local issues […]

GST Crushes Handlooms

Crew: After the introduction of GST, several handlooms of Western Uttar Pradesh have shut down. After demonetisation, the new tax is the second major jolt on the weavers. ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks to weavers on the issue, who are going through enormous economic hardships.