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Dalit Swaraj

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal, Vishal Kumar A rally was held in Jind District of Haryana on 18.03.2018 called the ‘Dalit-Mazdoor Adhikaar Rally’. The demand for Dalit Swaraj and a Dalit Board were raised at the rally.

Dalit Lands Grabbed for making Cowshed

Under the garb of building a cowshed, attempts are being made at grabbing tracts of lands belonging to Dalits in Bantikheda village in Shamli district in UP. 120 tracts of land belonging to Dalits have been bulldozed in the process. A ChalChitra Abhiyaan report. Crew- Ayan Qureshi, Rahul Sherwal

Trailer:Will Dalit students not be able to study anymore?

According the latest order by the Uttar Pradesh government, only those SC/ST students who score more than 60% marks will be eligible for scholarships. The team of ChalChitra Abhiyaan discusses this order with 4 Dalit activists. You can find the entire video on ChalChitra Abhiyaan’s YouTube Page on 25 Ocotber 2019 at 10am. Crew – […]

Bhim Army Founder, Chandrashekhar’s Audio Message From Underground

Bhim Army Founder Advocate Chandrashekhar sends a strong audio message from underground calling out the biases of the state and calls people to join him on the 21st of May at Jantar Mantar in Delhi at 10 AM.  

Traders say businesses suffering in Modi Raj

Traditionally, traders, particularly Brahmins and Baniyas in UP have been strong BJP supporters. However, in the past few years, many traders have started to criticize the BJP in hushed tones for its flawed economic policy decisions like GST and demonitisation that have badly affected various small and medium businesses. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan talks […]

‘Healthcare abysmal in Bihar’ Qayamuddin Ansari

ChalChitra Abhiyaan follows Mahagathbandhan’s CPI(ML)’s candidate from Arrah, Bihar, Qayamuddin Ansari and follows him through his campaign trail. He about the abysmal state of healthcare, education and roads in the Arrah. Crew- Md. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

Shabbirpur, one year of Resistance

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Amrit Raj, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal, Prthvir Solanki, Vishal Kumar Dalits are fighting back since the caste violence in Shabbirpur a year back. Many like Bhim Army founder continue to be in jail, yet schools, women’s mobilisation and Ambedkar’s teachings pave a way. Support our Abhiyaan:

Chandrashekhar Azad’s letter in Bhim Army Rally

Crew:Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal,  Vishal Kumar Chandrashekhar Azad’s letter being read in Bhim Army Rally on 18th February 2018.

Dalit women from Azamgarh created history

In Haraiya village of Azamgarh, violence and police arrests ensued on 2nd April 2018 after the Dalit community came onto the streets to protest against the dilution of SC/ST Act by the Supreme Court. On 3rd April, 3000-4000 women from neighboring villages reached the local police station and encircled it, putting pressure on the police […]

Public opinion of Vadgam about Jignesh Mewani

Crew: Abhishek Indrekar, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Piyush Nagpal People of Vadgam talk about Jignesh Mevani days before elections.