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‘Education, Health, Employment are Bihar’s Issues’

ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews Mahagathbandhan’s Congress candidate from Jale, Bihar, Dr. Mashkoor Usmani. Dr. Mashkoor Usmani is probably the youngest candidate in Bihar elections this time. He was formerly the president of AMUSU. He says education, health and employment will be core electoral issues in Bihar assembly elections.   Crew- Mohd. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, […]

‘Healthcare abysmal in Bihar’ Qayamuddin Ansari

ChalChitra Abhiyaan follows Mahagathbandhan’s CPI(ML)’s candidate from Arrah, Bihar, Qayamuddin Ansari and follows him through his campaign trail. He about the abysmal state of healthcare, education and roads in the Arrah. Crew- Md. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

Bihar: Why are Dalits angry with NDA

ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews Dalits from Agiaon constituency in Bhojpur district of Bihar. Dalits across ages express anger with the NDA government and they say that they will vote for Manoj Manzil and defeat the NDA government. Crew- Md. Shakib Rangrez, Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

‘Youth will ask for Jobs not caste’ Manoj Manzil

ChalChitra Abhiyaan interviews Mahagathbandhan’s CPI (ML) candidate, Manoj Manzil from Agiaon constituency in Bhojupur district in Bihar. We follow him through his campaign where he talks about the various issues that are being raised in this election. He says the youth will rally behind Mahagathbandhan in this election, largely because of issues of unemployment. He […]

RLD’s Warning to BJP Government

The police brutally lathi charged RLD leader Jayant Chaudhary while raising his voice against the rape incident in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. The lathicharge on Jayant Chaudhary and the incident of rape in Hathras led to massive anger among farmers. On October 8, 2020, RLD convened a Save Democracy Mahapanchayat in Muzaffarnagar. Thousands of farmers and […]

Labour and Lockdown- No Food, Money and Medicine

The condition of daily wage workers has constantly deteriorated during the lockdown. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks to daily wage workers from Kivana village in Shamli district of West UP. Many workers claim they are still not receiving the promised ration from the government, nor are they receiving any medical care in the closest […]

This Land is Our Land

Recently, an increasing number of cases of forced land grab of Dalit families are being reported in Western UP. These lands, on which these Dalit families have been dependent for many years, are being taken away from them in the name of building cowsheds and colleges. Watch the complete film made by ChalChitra Abhiyaan on […]

Kandhla’s Dalit-Muslims celebrate Ravidas Jayanti together

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti, the Dalit community of Kandhla – a town in Shamli’s district of Western UP – carried out a Shobha Yatra. To celebrate the day with their Dalit brothers, the Muslim community also came out in large numbers and arranged refreshments for the yatra. Crew – Mohd. Shakib, Nitesh Savita, […]

Hindus-Muslims Unite on Republic Day in Kandhla

ChalChitra Abhiyaan and Naujawan Bharat Sabha had jointly organised a Republic day celebration program in Kandhla township in Shamli district. People from different religions and castes came together to celebrate the event. Several speakers spoke about the threat to our constitution today, specially in the context of laws like CAA-NRC-NPR. Most speakers claimed that these […]

Dalits burn down Citizenship Amendment Act in Meerut

Dalit leader from Meerut, Dr. Sushil Gautam was arrested for 3 days in Meerut for protesting against #CAA. After Sushil was released, he along with other activists from Blue Panthers burnt down copies of #CAA saying this is the second Manu Smriti and deserves to be burnt down the way Baba Saheb burnt down the […]