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Crowdfunding for Chalchitra Abhiyaan

To support ChalChitra Abhiyaan, click on this link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan website link- ChalChitra Abhiyaan is a film and media collective based out of Western Uttar Pradesh in India. The collective produces a range of video formats like documentary films, news features, interviews and live broadcasts. We try to bring to the fore local issues […]

Nafrat ka Raaz Facebook Lives

Crew: Nakul Singh Sawhney Bhim Army Defence Committee and United Against Hate organised ‘Nafrat ka Raaz’ in Lucknow. Speakers talked about oppression on Dalits and Muslims under the Yogi regime.

FB Live: Tabassum Hassan’s Victory in Kairana by-poll

Tabassum Hassan, RLD’s candidate with the support of SP, BSP and Congress defeated BJP’s Mriganka Singh by 44,600 votes in Kairana Lok Sabha by-poll. ChalChitra Abhiyaan discusses her victory with people from the constituency. Crew- Nakul Singh Sawhney, Vishal Kumar

Saharanpur Press Conference on Shabbirpur Violence

Crew: Nakul Singh Sawhney, Prthvir Solanki ChalChitra Abhiyaan broadcasted a series of Facebook Lives of the Press Conference in Saharanpur on the recent spate of caste violence in the district. The press conference was addressed and attended by activists and organisations including NCDHR, Jignesh Mevani, Ashok Bharti, Rehana Adib, Himanshu Kumar, SR Darapuri, Akram Akhtar Chaudhury […]