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Counter Culture is People's Culture

35 Muslim Houses Vandalised at Night

Another shocking case of police brutality came to light in Uttar Pradesh's Shamli district. On May 26, 2020 villagers from ...
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Migrant Workers from Bihar Stuck in UP

Ever since the lockdown has been in force, workers across the country have been facing endless problems. In this video, ...
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Disabled Worker Forced to Make 1500 km Journey

Very disturbing visuals and stories of suffering migrant workers have emerged during the lockdown. In this video @ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks ...
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Workers Struggling to get Ration

As the lockdown has now gone on for over two months in India, the situation of workers is deteriorating rapidly ...
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Migrant Workers Terrorised by Hunger and Violence

The horrors for migrant workers during the lockdown just don't seem to end. Chalchitra Abhiyaan interviews some migrant workers on ...
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Labour and Lockdown- No Food, Money and Medicine

The condition of daily wage workers has constantly deteriorated during the lockdown. In this video, ChalChitra Abhiyaan speaks to daily ...
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Migrant Workers Starving During Lockdown

As Corona Virus lockdown continues in India the condition of working class across the country is continuously deteriorating. Several workers ...
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Workers Not Getting Ration During Lock Down

Workers in Uttar Pradesh's Kandhla township in Shamli district are alleging that several of them are still not receiving ration ...
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Workers Still not Getting Ration in Loni, UP

In spite of promises by the Central and State governments, several daily wage workers and their families in Uttar Pradesh ...
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