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Counter Culture is People's Culture

Kandhla’s Dalit-Muslims celebrate Ravidas Jayanti together

On the occasion of Ravidas Jayanti, the Dalit community of Kandhla - a town in Shamli's district of Western UP ...
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Kandhla Market Shuts in Protest Against CAA-NRC-NPR

On 29th January, 2020 there was a call for a 'Bharat Band' against CAA, NRC and NPR. Kandhla township in ...
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Hindus-Muslims Unite on Republic Day in Kandhla

ChalChitra Abhiyaan and Naujawan Bharat Sabha had jointly organised a Republic day celebration program in Kandhla township in Shamli district ...
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Discussion on Police Atrocities in UP

As Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protests have grown over the last few weeks in the country, police excesses in states like Uttar Pradesh ...
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What Muslims in UP said after release from jail

Last month, protests erupted across the country after the passing of Citizenship Amendment Act in Parliament. To curb protests in ...
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Why are Dalits protesting against NRC, CAA and NPR?

Massive protests have erupted across the country since the government passed the Citizenship Amemndment Act (CAA) in December 2018. In ...
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Why Muslim Youth didn’t Watch Dabangg 3

On most occasions the youth, and particularly Muslim youth of Uttar Pradesh eagerly await the release of Salman Khan films ...
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5 Shot to Death During Anti-CAA Protests in Meerut

On December 19, 2019, 5 people were shot to death in Meerut during anti-CAA protests. Family members of the deceased ...
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Ground Report: Police Brutality in Muzaffarnagar -3

On December 20, 2019 a protest demonstration against CAA and NRC in Muzaffarnagar city in Uttar Pradesh was lathi charged ...
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